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  • The most common back surgeries, explained

    Back pain, a pervasive ailment affecting millions, can turn daily routines into exhausting and painful challenges. Back surgery emerges as a potential solution when conventional treatments fall short, offering hope for those trapped in chronic pain.

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  • What are back spasms, and can they be treated?

    "Oh, my aching back!" Everyone has uttered these words at some point, in response to the sharp, sudden pain that comes with back spasms. This article will explore the causes of back spasms, their symptoms and, most importantly, effective treatments. Whether you're experiencing your first spasm or seeking ways to prevent future episodes, understanding the triggers and what to do is key.

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  • Sciatica: What is it, and how can you ease the pain?

    If you have had a sharp pain shooting down one leg, you may be experiencing a condition called sciatica.

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  • What is the prognosis for ankylosing spondylitis?

    The prognosis for ankylosing spondylitis can vary. The condition is lifelong and can cause disability. However, a person may still be able to live independently.

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  • You've suffered whiplash: Know the symptoms and treatments

    Whiplash—an often underestimated injury that can strike in the aftermath of a collision—inflicts injury and pain on its unsuspecting victims.

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